The Arid House - Surplus Plants For Sale

This is a non-commercial site dedicated to Agaves. As my collection continues to grow, available space in the greenhouse to over winter plants is at a premium. By offering for sale, a few surplus plants I can free up valuable space and offset part of the heating costs incurred trough winter to maintain the greenhouse frost free.

The maintaining of private cultivated collections and distributing plant material among collectors can go some way to ensure survival where natural habitats are under threat. All plants offered here have been propagated from plants sourced from cultivated stock. Because this is a hobby rather that a commercial operation, I don't have vast stocks and stock levels could change quickly as does the types of plant available. It largely depends on what was re-potted the previous year and the number of pups removed in the process. More recently, as some of the larger plants flower I have been experimenting with hybridisation so there are a few hybrids available - I can't keep 'em all.

There's no shopping cart and other complications. Not everyone has a paypal account so for the time being I'm still accepting cheques subject to clearance before shipment.

I don't believe in ripping people off with post and packing will always endeavour to do postage at cost and use recycled packaging wherever possible. As an approximate guide the minimum shipping cost to UK mainland addresses is currently 3.25 for 2-3 small plants up to 1kg or 4.70 up to 2 kg. This includes the courier cost for collection and a small contribution to consumables needed for labelling and packaging. I am currently not able to ship outside of the UK.

Because I have a rather demanding day job that, at sometimes of the year takes me away from home, I am sometimes unable to check my emails as regularly as I would like. For this reason, I cannot promise an immediate response to your enquiries.

I usually list surplus plants around April and update the list throughout the season up to the end of September. From then onwards, the greenhouse is packed to the rafters when the larger plants come inside in preparation for winter so getting into the greenhouse can be rather challenging.

To find out more about these remarkable plants visit the Arid House site.

The Sept 2021 surplus plants list can be downloaded as a pdf


Plants are normally bare rooted and allowed to dry out prior to shipment. This involves either gently shaking or washing excess soil from the roots. This may at first seem to be a drastic measure, but the result is a lighter and drier plant that will suffer less damage during shipment and also save a little on postage costs too. This process could take up to two days once the order has been received. Shipping usually takes 3 days once I have dropped them off at the courier collection point.

If you would like to purchase any of the plants listed above, please email me with your requirements and I will reply with some recent pictures of what is currently available together with current shipping costs. I can currently accept PayM, PayPal and cheque in Sterling(GBP) drawn on a U.K. Bank or cash if collecting in person.

Please note that I am unable to issue Phytosanitary Certificates or ship outside of the European Union.

Receipt and Potting up.

On receipt, plants can be potted up immediately or within a few days. The easiest way to do this is to prepare in advance, a sufficient quantity of your usual potting mix and allow it to dry out in a shallow tray. Place a small layer in the bottom of the pot and then center the plant in the pot. Add the dry potting mix to the pot and gently tap the pot a few times on the work surface to settle the potting mix around the roots. Top up the soil so that the plant is at the correct depth.

Allow at least 2-3 days for any damaged roots to heal and then commence watering, avoid strong sunlight during this period.

If you are new to agaves or succulents there is more information on potting mixes in my cultivation guide

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