Rehydration of Coir block.

The blocks.

The coir blocks are compressed and dried when you receive them and need to be re-hydrated. Coir as supplied in blocks contains very little in the way of plant nutrients but can be used for seeds and cuttings as long as they are potted on once established. To use these coir blocks as a base for homemade composts Vitax Q4 can be used as a base fertiliser.
Dry block Dry block

Dry Block.

Add diluted Liquid feed.

Dry block Dry block

Block beginning to expand.

Fully expanded.

Dry block

At this point the block can be easily broken up.

The Compost Mix.

The compost mix that I am currently trying out is as follows,

Loam 7 parts,
Coir 3 parts,
Sand 2 parts,
Grit 3 parts,
LECA 3 parts,

then for each 10 litres of compost add 60g of vitax Q4+

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