If in doubt stuff it in a pot, you have nothing to loose.

Leftovers from repotting.

On occasions the runners from the parent plant go around the bottom of the pot and actually lift the plant up out of the pot. This seems to happen more often with tall narrow pots and those plants that send out long runners. While the plant is consuming resources producing runners, less energy is available for growth, so the only option is to remove them.

All is not lost though, given time these runners will still produce plants,


Palmeri runners. These had started to lift the plant out of the pot.

The offsets should be allowed to dry out completely before potting up.


Palmeri offset after allowing it to dry out.


Salmiana Crassispina Offset.


Salmiana Crassispina Offset 24th October 2015.

The offsets can be potted in shallow trays with at least 50% grit in the potting mix.

Potted up

Palmeri offset potted up.

Potted up

Palmeri offset April 2016.

Offets that don't have roots.

This pup from my agave difformis and didn't detach as expected. It was detached in April 2015 and has been just been left on the bench for now.

Difformis offset

Agave Difformis offset April 2015.

Plants that loose their roots.

This agave bovicornuta came to me severely pot bound and depauperate. It was root pruned and re-potted but then started to sulk early 2014 and sebsequently lost its roots. I probably over watered it! too much too soon. Dead and dying leaves were removed and it then spent most of last summer and winter just sitting in window ledge, potted in air. It was eventually potted up in 50:50 grit/Coir fibre in April 2015.

Potted up

Agave Bovicornuta potted up April 2015.

On the next page we take a look propagation from seed.

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