Agave Horrida ssp horrida


A small to medium size agave that maintains a neat and symmetrical appearance making it suitable for pot culture . Non suckering light green rosettes with 80 to 100 rigid leaves 18-35cm long at maturity. Margins thickly comeous, straight to sinuous between large teeth. Its natural habitat is on pure volcanic rocks and lava fields Northeast of Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Distinguished from Ghiesbreghtii by the larger more numerous teeth continuing nearly to the base of the spine.

Agave horrida ssp. perotensis is a larger plant and is a subspecies of agave horrida. Previously confused with agave obscura by some authors.

Responds well to watering and feeding during summer months.

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Agave Horrida at Eau Brink Cacti.

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